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              Product sort

              ..Descriptive abstract

              Especially ideal for weighing and filling various power product requiring big volume and reasonable accuracy.the big bag was held by bag clamp and sit on belt conveyor.The product loaded into Dual-auger horizontal screw feeder :big auger for bulk fill and small auger for top-up then the product will be fed into weighing Hopper real time weigh-fill taking place (net Weight FILL)

              二.Main features

              1.The weighing data is fed back to perform 2-step filling.this permits  filling accuracy reaching to ±0.2%

              2.The transmission system is driven by a servo motor for high accuracy.

              3.Automatic inline  scale  weighing control integrated with weighing tank as integral weighing system (dual weighing Tank Metering mode)

              4.Custom-made bag clamping device  and barrel platform

              5.In case trouble occurs,the machine will stop  automaticlly  for safety protection

              6.Fully stainless steel construction and sus304 for product contact parts

              7.10sets of recipe  memory modules

              8.Optional dust  collector.heat sealer,stitching machine and  belt conveyor are available

              三.Main Technical Data

              Dosing Mode


              Control system

              Plc&Schneider full color touch-screen panel

              Metering mode

              Dual weighing _tank (one work-one preparing)

              Packing Weight

              5 - 25kg(Enlarged 10-50kg)

              Packing Accuracy


              Packing Speed

              2-6 bags per min

              Contact parts

              Fully stainless steel construction and sus304for product contact parts

              Recipe memory

              10 product recipe memory

              Air Supply

              6kg/cm2  0.1m3/min

              Powder supply

              3pAC208-415v 50/60HZ

              Total Power

              3.1 Kw

              Total weight


              Overal Dimension


              .Optional Component:

              Sewing Machine  >>Film Heating & sealing machine or Nitrogen-jet vacuum-sealing film machine, >>Conveyor belt   >>Dumping device  >>Bag Former  >>Automatic palletizer  >>Automatic bag feeder

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